In 2010, 7,487 down-looking images were collected using the underwater robotic vehicle (ROV) Jason to produce this image mosaic of the ASHES (Axial Seamount Hydrothermal Expeditions) vent field. This hydrothermal vent field is located near the western wall of Axial caldera (45o 56.0167 N 130o 0.8333 W, depth 1545 meters). The field hosts four high temperature, actively venting sulfide chimneys, smaller anhydrite structures and areas of lower temperature diffuse flow. In 2014, a 3-D temperature-array was placed on top of a small diffsue site between the “Inferno” and “Mushroom” chimneys. The 3D array, cabled to a medium-powered junction box, provides real-time, continuous streaming of 24 temperature measurements. The intake nozzle of an osmotic hydrothermal fluid sampler was placed inside the array. Extension cables from the junction box connect to two seismometers and a cabled high-definition video camera was aimed at Mushroom. In concert, these isntruments provide information on how earthquakes within the volcano impact vent fluid temperatures and chemistry and biological communities that thrive on and around Mushroom.

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  • Date: 2015-03-31

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